Whats The Normal Blood Pressure

    blood pressure

  • The pressure of the blood in the circulatory system, often measured for diagnosis since it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls
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  • The hydrostatic force that blood exerts against the wall of a vessel.
  • the pressure of the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels; results from the systole of the left ventricle of the heart; sometimes measured for a quick evaluation of a person’s health; “adult blood pressure is considered normal at 120/80 where the first number is the systolic

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  • (of a line, ray, or other linear feature) Intersecting a given line or surface at right angles
  • Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected
  • (of a person) Free from physical or mental disorders
  • in accordance with scientific laws
  • conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal; “serve wine at normal room temperature”; “normal diplomatic relations”; “normal working hours”; “normal word order”; “normal curiosity”; “the normal course of events”
  • convention: something regarded as a normative example; “the convention of not naming the main character”; “violence is the rule not the exception”; “his formula for impressing visitors”

whats the normal blood pressure

whats the normal blood pressure – Madre Labs,

Madre Labs, CocoCardio, 225 g (7.93 oz)
Madre Labs, CocoCardio, 225 g (7.93 oz)
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White Coat Hypertension 80/365

White Coat Hypertension 80/365
I had to buy a blood pressure machine because I always have high blood pressure when I’m at the doctor’s office. When my face went paralyzed I freaked myself out so badly my blood pressure was 256/126. They thought I was bleeding into my brain. They discharged me on blood pressure medicine which made me black out every time I stood up or went from laying down to sitting. Now I just take my blood pressure at home and record it for my doctor.

feb 8th another swollen feet shot [39/365]

feb 8th another swollen feet shot [39/365]
This is what I look at most days now. Today marks day 2 of week 37 of pregnancy. Doc says that I don’t have toxemia, swelling is normal for the 3rd trimester, and it’s only a concern if there is protein in my urine (which there isn’t) and if my blood pressure is high (which it isn’t). So, if you’re pregnant, just expect this kind of thing (I’m up 2 shoe sizes and had to buy socks because the others won’t fit), and lay off of the salt.

whats the normal blood pressure

What Happened to Sophie Wilder
Charlie Blakeman is living in New York, on Washington Square, struggling to write his second novel and floundering, when his college love, Sophie Wilder, returns to his life. Sophie, too, is struggling, though Charlie isn’t sure why. They’ve spoken only rarely since falling out a decade before. Now Sophie begins to tell Charlie the story of her life since then, particularly the days she spent taking care of a dying man with his own terrible past and the difficult decision he presented her with. When Sophie once again abruptly disappears, Charlie sets out to discover what happened to Sophie Wilder.